Techno school

An opportunity for technical education at compulsory school level


T​echno School is a new choice for students in Iceland in grades 8 to 10 of the Basic School who want to gain insight into industry, technology and other creative fields. At Techno School students are introduced to other possibilities in the Basic School than the traditional academic route. This does not, however, exclude them from choosing the academic route when they enter Upper Secondary School. The technological context in Iceland is not rich, particularly as regards creation and production, if one overlooks a few strong companies. The long term aim of the founders of Techno School is to contribute to strengthening the creative and productive element of this industry.



* Techno-School offers insight into ten areas of technology and design in addition to the compulsory subjects for the 14-16 years age level: Automotive technology, building technology, air piloting, electrical technology, ship piloting, information technology, machine technology, catering, servicing and design.

* In a mainstream compulsory school technical subjects are 40% of the curriculum and academics 60%. In Techno-School technical subjects are 60% and academics 40%. 


* Students attend classes in upper secondary schools and companies three mornings a week.

* Thus the school bridges the gap between compulsory school, upper secondary school and the work-place.

* This arrangement utilises available facilities instead of building new. 



Planned number of students



Year one: 40 students in 8th grade.


Year two: 80 students in 8th and 9th grade.


Year three: 120 students in 8th, 9th and 10th grade.


The number of students will be re-evaluated in three years time. 


How we are getting there


* School curriculum is ready.


* The school has been agreed by Reykjavik City Education committee.


* The Ministry of Culture and Education is evaluating our application for running an independent school.


* Contact has been made with a few companies.


* A business plan has been completed.


* We are searching for suitable accomodation in Reykjavik.


* We are seeking collaboration with upper secondary schools.


* Teaching materials are beeing created.